Fairtrade Wedding rings

Handmade for him & her
And so the adventure continues…

Yes, you are getting married! Time to pick out wedding rings. I would like something unique, handmade and of fair trade gold. Only others have just that little bit of wish. He wants simple, timeless and a bit tough, but certainly not boring. She wants a special ring, perhaps with a diamond and in the right shade of gold. What now?

Your unique wedding rings exist, I just need to make them.

Let’s make this happen…


Handmade jewelry cannot be compared to the somewhat dull perfection of a factory product. Together we create something that does not yet exist. I help you to shape the wedding ring you dream of and make it a reality. I strive for the highest possible quality and finish in everything I make, but perfection does not exist with handicrafts. That artisan element makes a piece of jewelry special and unique. There is a piece of the maker incorporated. Magical right?

product foto trouwringen

Fairtrade gold: happily ever after for everyone

How nice is it when the love you feel for each other is also in the wedding ring you wear. That starts at Atelier Luz before we get started ourselves. It starts with better, more sustainable and fairer raw materials. I only work with Fairmined gold. Your ring therefore stands for a happy, lasting connection in all areas.

We got to let love rule
– Lenny Kravitz

From gold nuggets to handmade wedding rings.

A wedding ring is a special piece of jewelry that you want to wear for the rest of your life. It is important that the rings remain beautiful, but also that you continue to find them beautiful. Every day. It’s in the details. That is why I take the time to research together what you want and to create a unique design. I really enjoy the challenge of creating a set of rings that you will fall head over heels in love with.

antieke diamant

A treasure trove full of special diamonds.

I like working with diamonds. It is the hardest mineral we know. That’s exactly why these beautiful and versatile stones keep a lasting sparkle and shine. They also stand for infinite love. How beautiful is that!

You are probably familiar with the brilliant cut diamonds. But so much more is possible. Due to the influence of changing factors during the creation, there is a range of colors and variations. An interesting world of special and beautiful (im)perfect diamonds. I’ll tell you all about it during our first appointment and of course I’ll show you my collection.

How do we handle this?

The process from first appointment until the wedding rings are ready takes an average of two months. But no stress. If you have less time until the big day, we can work it out together.

1. The first date

Together we investigate what your wishes are and how this fits within the budget. I have several creative ways to show what the design is going to look like. This appointment takes about an hour.

2. Making decisions

Now that I know what you want, I’ll send you a quote with all the details. Wedding rings are forever, I understand you need some time to decide.

3. Get started

Once you YES! say, I’m going to get started with your unique, handmade wedding rings. In the meantime, you can continue with all the other preparations.

4. Almost done

It’s time for the pass. Exciting! We check whether the measurements are correct and then the engraving is made.

5. Ready for the big day

Your wedding rings can be picked up. Time for a party ♥

Marike Hauser | Atelier LUZ | Goudsmid | Amsterdam

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For me Atelier Luz stands for craftsmanship and enthusiasm. Every day since my wedding I’ve felt so lucky with my handmade wedding ring. The Fairtrade gold makes it beautiful from the inside as well.