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Atelier LUZ
Marike Hauser
+31 6 40252871

Czaar Peterstraat 134D
1018PV, Amsterdam


Are you looking for wedding rings, an engagement ring or other custom jewelry? I am happy to take the time to discuss all your questions and wishes. Please book an appointment so that I have plenty of room for you to create a fantastic design.

Wedding rings

We prefer to discuss wedding rings by appointment. We are happy to take the time to go through your wishes. That is why an initial consultation can easily take an hour. With a cup of coffee or tea, you can fit rings from the collection and present your own ideas. For wedding rings we prefer a delivery time of approximately 2 months. Of course we can make an exception, but with a somewhat longer delivery time there are more options. And that is of course nice.



Give an old piece of jewelry a new life

Do you have jewelry with emotional value that you would like to have something new made of? Our collection can serve as inspiration, but you can also submit your own ideas. Take your old gold with you, then we can see if it is suitable to process into a new piece of jewelry. Processing old gold takes time. Because the old gold has to be tested, then melted and only then can I get started. That is why we charge the normal price of the jewelry minus a discount. This discount depends on the weight of the jewelry that is handed in and the possible removal of precious stones. 



We can also re-process diamonds from old jewelry into new jewelry. Diamonds are so durable that they can shine like new again. Other gems can sometimes be reused, but sometimes not. We look forward to exploring the options with you.

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