Handmade Jewelry

Beautiful lines and round shapes are monumental for my designs. I see inspiration all around me, but I get most ideas from nature. I am always looking for special leaves, flowers, shells and other shapes as inspiration for my jewelry. 


In addition to my permanent collections I also make small quantities of one of a kind jewelry. Gemstones are very popular in the one-of-a-kind collections. That is because there are only a few gems to find. The gemstone is usually the starting point of the design. It is important to make a piece of jewelry that works for the gemstone, that’s why I let the gemstone inspire the design.



Gemstones, diamonds and pearls have something magical about them. They intrigue and enrich a piece of jewelry. That is why I am always looking for special treasures. I have a few favorite suppliers that I know are always carrying the best of the best. I also always try to make sure that the origin of the gems and pearls is sustainable. That sometimes works and sometimes it does not. Fairtrade gems are unfortunately difficult to find because in this branch sustainability is not yet sufficiently developed. The pearls I use are mostly sustainable and Fairtrade.

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