Atelier Luz

Small treasures for you to love.


Atelier Luz is the studio for beautiful high quality hand made jewelry. All made with love, one piece at the time. We make all kinds of jewelry, gold, silver, as well as engagement, wedding rings, customizations and much more. You are welcome to come in for any inquiries you might have.

”Beautiful things make you happy. Fortunately I make beautiful things all day long. Small treasures that you will love”

Marike Hauser

Gold smith | Designer | Founder

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Jewelery to cherish

Cherish the special moments and decorate yourself with a unique piece of jewelry that inspires you every day to live your best life.

Stoere rouwringen voor hem

Unique wedding rings

The perfect rings to celebrate your love for each other. Handmade from honest gold with your own personal touch.

Handgemaakte trouwringen van Atelier LUZ

Engagement rings

The best gift is your unconditional love. A beautiful diamond engagement ring completes the picture.

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Let’s recycle!

Give an old piece of jewelry a new life

Do you have old gold lying around? You know, that ring you never wear because you don’t like it, but it still contains sentimental value. Do something with it! You can melt old gold into a beautiful new piece of jewelry and thus you retain the sentimental value. You are welcome to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

How Does it Work?


Make an Appointment

Do you have a question or would you like to come in outside opening hours? No problems. Contact us to make an appointment.

Choose your Diamond

Looking for something special? We have a great selection of rough diamonds, ‘ice’ diamonds and ‘vintage’ diamonds. Each one unique.


Design your own Ring

I’d love to support you on the road to the perfect ring



Ben jij op zoek naar een mooie, Fairtrade en/of duurzame ring, verlovingsring of trouwring. Dan helpt deze informatie jou op weg om een weloverwogen keuze maken die bij jou past.