Diamond Engagement Rings

Unique & Hand made
A gorgeous ring made of fairtrade gold for the love of your life.

The time has come, you would like to propose to your partner. All that’s missing is the perfect ring. 



Finding the perfect engagement ring is an exciting process. You can fall in love with the traditional diamond ring or go beyond. Together we’re going on a journey to find the style that fits your partner. Minimalistic, modern, bold, classic or extravagant. The possibilities are endless and the choice is in your hands.

product foto trouwringen
Handgemaakte trouwringen van Atelier LUZ


Less is more. A baguette cut diamond has a powerful, modern look that combines perfectly with a smooth ring and rub-over setting. 

Ring met antieke diamant en saffiertjes | verlovingsring


Antique Bolshevik diamonds spark endlessly and they’re a very sustainable choice. Every diamond is uniquely shaped and polished by hand. 

Ring met cluster van saffier en diamant


Rather a less traditional ring? Discover the beauty of raw, beautifully imperfect diamonds or pick a playful design. 

Unieke diamanten

Unique, classic or sustainable

It’s great to work with diamonds. The hardest mineral known has a lasting spark that symbolizes infinite love. The brilliant cut diamond is the most popular variant, but there are many more alternatives out there. The influence of surrounding factors can result in a multitude of colors and shapes. Which opens up the interesting world of remarkable and beautifully imperfect diamonds.

Book an appointment and I’ll share with you my knowledge on these diamonds and my ever expanding treasure chest. 


Are you looking for a sustainable engagement ring?

A vintage diamond might be the right fit for you. They’ve been around for over a decade, but mesmerizing as ever.

Secret mission: project ring size

When you have the perfect engagement ring made, it is important that it fits. There are a few ways to find out your partner’s ring size without spoiling the surprise.

  • Bring a ring of the correct size to the appointment (one that is not easily missed).
  • Measure the ring size easily and quickly with an app (search for “ring sizer”)
  • Get help from family or friends to find out the right ring size
  • For the daredevils: secretly measure the ring finger while your partner is sleeping. You do this by wrapping a piece of string or a strip of paper loosely around the finger and then measuring it.


Still not quite perfect?

You have done everything you can to find the right ring size and yet it is a little too big or too small. No stress, we’ve got your back. Did you accidentally miss the mark and your friend is really not happy with the ring? Even then we will look for a solution together.


For me Atelier Luz stands for craftsmanship and enthusiasm. Every day since my wedding I’ve felt so lucky with my handmade wedding ring. The Fairtrade gold makes it beautiful from the inside as well!